Dental IT Support

Outsourced IT Support

PTG, an outsourced IT support company, is a specialist in Dental IT Support. Our outsourced IT support team knows the dental industry backwards and forwards including your dental equipment. PTG understands that working equipment and computer systems are crucial to your dental business - without them, your business can't function.

PTG work with all of the major dental suppliers and can integrate the major components of your dental practice into a single, cohesive IT system. A lot of outsourced IT support companies claim to do this - but what you may find is that they will set you up and then move on to the next dental practice. Palmetto Technology Group partners with dentists and provides more than just standard outsourced IT support - PTG provides specialized dental IT support.

Contact a PTG outsourced IT support specialist for a dental IT support assessment or Office 365 Trial. We'll help you stay up and running.

Dental IT Support

Dental IT Support Services

  • HITECH compliancy audit services
  • Dental software implementation
  • Online computer backups
  • Computer repair including email, printer, hardware, and other support
  • Data recovery
  • Microsoft Online Services, including Office 365. View Office 365 demo.

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Dental IT Support

What happens when the PC that controls your PAN is down? How much production will you lose before your current provider can diagnose the problem and get a pc repair technician on site?

Our computer repair technicians have worked with all of the major dental practice management systems and all of the major dental imaging systems - and our computer repair technicians are all Microsoft Certified Professionals. Can your current outsourced IT support provider answer that question in the affirmative? PTG's pc repair technicans have extensive experience with dental IT support - consider working with PTG as your outsourced IT support provider.

Contact an outsourced IT support specialist for your dental IT support, systems integration, and computer repair needs - we'll let you focus on pulling teeth instead of pulling hair.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Are you compliant? PTG outsourced IT support specialists have helped many dental practices implement an electronic documentation and notification system to assist in compliancy. With the new federal regulations that address patient privacy and security, those in the dental industry must evaluate their dental IT practices and learn more about this healthcare reform.

Palmetto Technology Group will let you know the specific steps you need to take to become compliant - such as notification and documentation - and can also let you know how to be considered for federal financial aid.

Office 365 for Small Businesses

Read why Dental offices move to Office 365 and to the Cloud to get rid of IT headaches. Small business like Dental offices give Office 365 a close look for 5 main reasons:

  • Simplicity: Office 365 is simple to implement, and once it's on the Cloud, you can forget it - no maintenance required and no IT administrator to take care of it.
  • Cash Flow: Office 365 plans are paid on a subscription basis, monthly or annually. That means a predictable cost that is spread over time as operating expenses are, and it is more cash flow for your business.
  • Full functionality: With Office 365, you get all features you were used to on MS Exchange but you also have access to your important documents, contacts, and calendar from almost anywhere.
  • Mobility: Office 365 allows you to collaborate and communicate from anywhere, on almost any device with business-class email, shared calendars, web video conferencing and a place for shared documents.
  • Synchronicity: With Office 365, you get synchronization among mobile and desktop/laptop devices: Delete a message from your phone, it is deleted on the desktop Outlook too. Send an email from your phone, it is stores in your Sent Items log on your laptop.

 Try Office 365 for 30 days -- no charge! The Microsoft Office 365 trial is for 25 user licenses and Plan E3 (see Office 365 Pricing for Plan E3 details).

Dental IT Support Customers

Below is a sample of PTG's Dental IT Support customers.


 In their own words

"PTG is always prompt with response to our requests and has the knowledge needed to help us with our IT issues."

-Dr. Horton, Issaquena Dentistry

Contact PTG to schedule a Dental IT Assessment with an outsourced IT support specialist to help your dental practice become compliant.

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