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PTG provides outsourced IT support for manufacturing companies to help keep machines up and running, increase productivity, prevent loss of data, and remain competitive. PTG understands the importance of keeping the production line running to ensure on-time delivery of products, customer satisfaction, and to maximize profitibility. We develop custom outsourced IT support plans that are specific to the customer and tailored to the manufacturing industry.

Outsourced Manufacturing IT Support

Benefits of Manufacturing IT Support

Up-to-Date Computer Hardware & Software

PTG keeps manufacturing computer equipment up-to-date with the latest patches,
versions, and system requirements. Many manufacturers are hesitant to perform
the necessary maintenance on their computer equipment for fear of manufacturing
downtime. PTG keeps your production line up and running while making sure your
computer systems are up-to-date at all times.

Disaster Recovery Plans

What happens if one of your machines goes down? Does your production line come to a halt? What happens when you lose important customer or product data? Both the short term and long term effect is significant.  When the manufacturing line is down, profitability starts declining and customer satisfaction is at risk. PTG creates and implements IT disaster recovery plans (including computer backup) specific to your business. In the event your machines go down, PTG will have you back up and running in as little as a couple of hours.

Current Technology

Using the latest technology on the shop floor is important for competitve reasons, but it also maximizes productivity while reducing the rate of error. For example, moving to a ruggedized environment and embracing technology like iPads, tablets, and wireless printers can save hours of data entry time and increases data accuracy.


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Office 365

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an easy-to-use set of web-enabled tools that let you access your email, important documents, contacts, and calendar from
almost anywhere and any device-including PCs, Macintosh computers, iPhones, Android phones, and BlackBerry smartphones. Office 365 enables manufacturers
to access important production and customer data anywhere, anytime, including the plant floor and on the road. And, with tools such as Office 365 SharePoint
and Office 365 Skype for Business, you can collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

Contact a PTG outsourced IT support specialist for a manufacturing IT support assessment or Office 365 Trial. We'll help you stay up and running.


 In their own words

"The best customer service I've seen in a very long time. PTG's IT experts are great. Their technical knowledge and response time are the best!"

-Matt Belyus, Cox Wood
Leading manufacturer and distributor of treated outdoor wood products

Contact a PTG outsourced IT support specialist for a manufacturing IT support assessment or Office 365 Trial. We'll help you stay up and running.

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