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Tools to Improve Business Processes for Non-Profits

Implementing tools such as Office 365 helps non-profit organizations improve numerous business processes that can otherwise be a challenge on a day-to-day basis. From managing grants to document sharing / file managment and data access at different levels, having the right technology can increase your bottom line and free up resources enabling you to focus on your mission.

  • Grant Management - organize, track, and manage grant deadlines, grant status, grant approvals, incoming and outgoing grant funds, and more
  • Document Management - have access to one version of the truth instead of numerous versions circulating via email and on multiple hard drives
  • Portal Access for donors, partners, and remote employees - easily provide different levels of access to important documents based on individual roles

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Office 365 Benefits

  • Reduced costs: no need to own/manage a server in-house freeing up time and resources to focus on building the non-profit program
  • Increased communications with donors and stakeholders including Skype for Business online and mobile device access
  • Access to the latest Microsoft Office licenses at greatly reduced prices
  • No more upgrades
  • Works across Mac and PC
  • Works on iPads, Androids, and Windows 8 slates
  • One version of the truth around files with SharePoint Online file sharing
  • Access anywhere, anytime enabling staff and volunteers to work from home or wherever they are based

Keeping costs low, maximizing efficiency, and effective communication, to name a few, are essential for non-profit organizations. Being bogged down by heavy IT support costs and having inadequate technology can hinder a non-profit organization from serving their cause to their greatest potential. Non-profit organizations rely on PTG for low-cost outsourced IT support and for technology, such as Office 365, that helps both staff and volunteers collaborate effectively anywhere, anytime. PTG also provides nonprofits with the tools they need for donor management and grant management.


 In their own words

"PTG has been very helpful in helping us upgrade to MS Office 365 and in advising us on the best version for the YMCA of Greenville. "PTG is nearby, easy to get in touch with, and very responsive when called. I would recommend their services."

-Rett Cross, YMCA Greenville


"PTG's IT experts are friendly and very helpful. They are always responsive and are very knowledgeable about how to resolve the issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. We like everything about them!"

-Greta Young, Safe Harbor

Did you know that non-profit pricing is available for Office 365? Obtain access to best-in-class technology for a fraction of the price -- contact us for non-profit Office 365 pricing.

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