Proactive Outsourced IT Support

We get "IT." Change is hard. Your current IT organization knows all about you, right? We've heard it before - and many of our current outsourced IT support customers felt the same way. But once they experienced the PTG difference - proactive, customer-centric outsourced IT support - they never looked back.

If you wait for days for updates from your current outsourced IT support provider, are tired of the constant techno-babble, upgrade cycles, and cryptic billing - give PTG a chance for your outsourced IT support needs.

Proactive Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT Support: Online Computer Backup

If you are like most of our customers - you are tired of swapping out tapes (if you do it at all!). PTG offers our own online computer backup solution as an outsourced IT support service. Our computer backup solution is different from the national providers because:

  • Your computer backup is local - not in a data center in Dallas or New York.
  • We use bank grade encryption - so your data is secure.
  • In case of a system failure our business pc repair tecnicians can put your data on a USB drive and deliver it to your office in no time.
  • Our prices are competitive. We offer a flat-rate IT support pricing model which means we have to earn your business every day.

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Contact PTG with your specfic industry and business outsourced  IT support needs.  Make sure to watch our customer videos to see how customer rely on PTG for their IT support needs.

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